Time at Prime: 12 years. He came to Prime initially to work on the TAB project in Ultimo. Then after spending two years in London building multi-storey apartment buildings, Scott returned to Prime where he’s been ever since.

Biggest achievement: His promotion to Construction Manager and the opportunity to make a difference on all projects.

Career high: The delivery of successful projects across many sectors from high-rise residential apartments to correctional centres, industrial freezers and recycled water plants.

Favourite job: The Rand coldstore in Homebush that was completed in 2006. With no previous experience in freezer/coldstore construction he gained knowledge that has since been utilised on several other coldstore projects.

Building buzz: Being able to stand back at the end of a project and see a building operating as it was intended with a new group of people excited about coming to work in the new space.

Known at Prime as: The Phantom – he knows how to make an unannounced exit when he’s had enough!

On weekends you’ll find him: Hanging out with the wife and kids, cycling, kayaking and enjoying any beach-based activity in the summer.

Scott in a few words: Diligent and fair.

Random fact: He is definitely the best driver in Prime, just ask our insurers!

Building philosophy: He is a strong believer in getting the client and the building end users as involved in the delivery process as much as possible. Understanding the building brief is paramount.

Secret to Prime’s success: There is a dedication from management to building things the right way, and to a standard that they would be happy with if they were the building owners.

Crystal ball: Continuing innovation in management and construction methodologies will hopefully ensure that Prime will be seen as market leaders.