Time at Prime: 19 years. He started as a first-year university cadet.

Biggest achievement: Successfully completing a 23-stage redevelopment of a train maintenance facility for UGL/Railcorp in Auburn. The site remained fully occupied by in excess of 400 UGL personnel during the entire project, which lasted for a year.

Favourite job: The conversion of an old heritage timber framed warehouse into a Jaguar Showroom at Rushcutters Bay. The project featured many different design and construction techniques plus there were many surprises uncovered during the process.

Building buzz: The difference in projects, from design approach, construction methodology, the change in locale of each project and the challenges these all bring which make the work worthwhile and satisfying.

Known at Prime as: The tall guy – he’s often called upon to reach the top shelf!

On weekends you’ll find him: Navigating the river or fishing with the family. Richard grew up on the shores of the Hawkesbury River and has since maintained a strong bond with all things aquatic.

Richard in a few words: Calm and approachable.

Random fact: Richard’s the son of a residential builder so has always been around construction (often living in a building site) and developed a keen interest in design at a young age.

Building philosophy: Do what it takes to get the job done right.

Secret to Prime’s success: It’s a large enough company to fulfil the needs of its clients but also a manageable size, which enables it to keep tight control and focus. This results in quality products without compromise.

The Prime difference: The company cares deeply about the industry and its employees. This in-turn nurtures a degree of trust and loyalty which is not often found in the building game.

Crystal ball: Prime maintaining its name in the industry as a consistent and reliable performer.