Time at Prime: 32 years, with 46 years training and working in Sydney’s commercial construction industry.

Career high: Founding Prime Constructions in the recessionary years of the early 80s and the building of the company into what it is today.

Favourite job: Phil loved the challenge of the Sydney Reserve Bank stage 2 way back in 1975 but has trouble picking his favourite job at Prime, there have been so many.

Known around Prime as: The “grey hair” of the business. Building remains his passion and he takes pride not just in the success but in what the company produces, the quality and the innovative effort.

On weekends you’ll find him: Hitting golf balls or watching his sons playing water polo for Wests in the National League.

Phil in a few words: A leader, well respected, fair minded and energetic.

Random talent: Last summer he took up stand-up paddle boarding.

Building philosophy: Any problem can be solved and any sound aim can be achieved. Along with sound business principles and systems you always need a little luck!

Secret to Prime’s success: When Ron Masters and Phil started the business they were determined to build a company with a strong financial base which would allow it to survive the ups and downs of construction and contracting. They did that.

Crystal ball: Phil’s dream was to have a great company supported by clever, loyal and caring staff who take pride in their work and in the success of the enterprise. Prime’s continuing success in the market is assured because they offer exceptional service at a competitive price and the company has been built over a long period of time to withstand the pressures of the economic cycles as they affect the construction industry.