Time at Prime: 26 years, after spending his initial years in the industry working as a site engineer in the UK.

Biggest achievement: Managing the estimating department for 17 years and seeing profitable and steady growth, particularly into the large industrial sector.

Career high: Becoming estimating manager at Prime in 1996.

Favourite job: Working on the construction of the Queen Elizabeth II Marina in Guernsey (Channel Islands), the largest civil project undertaken in Guernsey. As a site engineer he was involved in survey operations working with divers for dimension control of underwater structures and more conventional survey work above water.

Building buzz: The varied nature of each project and opportunity to be involved with a large number of projects and people throughout your career.

On weekends You’ll find him: Socialising, with his three kids and learning to surf.

Random fact: He’s an enthusiastic driver of a 1964 MG.

Secret to Prime’s success: Sound financial management and care and pride in the delivery of every project by our hard working and dedicated staff and subcontractors.

The Prime difference: There’s a strong focus on the basics and understanding what is required to deliver a successful project. Design and construction expertise, sound construction knowledge and empathy with the end user of the facility are key factors.

Crystal ball: Continued success and steady growth. Providing the environment for contented staff who feel challenged and satisfied at the end of the working day.