Time at Prime: 27 years. Before this he managed a ski resort in Jindabyne.

Biggest achievement: The computerisation of the company.

Career high: Completing my MBA while working full time and with two small children.

Known at Prime as: The person to talk to when anything doesn’t work.

On weekends you’ll find him:Free diving, spearfishing or anything to do with the ocean.

Chris in a few words: Dull.

Random fact: He loves travelling, cooking and photography. Strolling through a crowded humid market in Asia or the deserted streets of Venice at 4am with his camera in hand makes all the hours stuck in front of a computer not so bad.

Business philosophy: Developing and keeping good employees is the key to success.

Secret to Prime’s success: The ability to provide an environment in which employees feel valued. A strong cash flow is also important!

The Prime difference: Delivering a quality product with a happy client.

Crystal ball: Continuing to be a strong and stable company with a happy workforce.